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The man wants to have 8 abdominal muscle, some people always cannot find the accurate method that exercises abdominal muscle, blind takes exercise. If the method does not suit him, can be just the opposite to what one wished. So abdominal muscle exercises a method, shouldShanghai Long Feng forum

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Should notice what item. It is everybody introduction to exercise a method correctly today, the manner that hopes we take exercise to abdominal muscle rightly, science exercises abdominal muscle, amount to1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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To good cause.

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Abdominal muscle exercises a method, want when to notice this

1, muscle strength control

When doing sit-ups experienced abdominal muscle most those who be afraid of is with count and talk, because do not have this necessary. When we do sit-ups, should make abdominal muscle stems from nervous condition continuously, not flabby, speed is not begged too fast; Till each groups of movements accomplish muscle to produce burning feeling. This ability is to do admireForum of Shanghai night net

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Lie case sit the most accurate method.

Abdominal muscle exercises a method, want when to notice this

2, training having oxygen

Want to reduce fat, must do exercise having oxygen, smooth force trains or appliance does not take exercise to be able to be achieved. And cannot run anyhow pace with respect to OK, should do every time have oxygen1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Assure to move 30 minutes continuously when motion above, notice ability achieves the adipose requirement inside combustion system.

Abdominal muscle exercises a method, want when to notice this

3, appliance trains

A lot of people are to do bare-handed exercise, the abdomen that does not make concerned instrument trains, this is unscientific exercise a method, when because become you,achieving particular bottleneck, you need stronger exciting ability to break through that col. Exercise abdominal muscle same also, of course, can not importune the weight of appliance, making a motion weight of appliance of the change below the premise of changeless form.

4, food

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The dietary standard that fat increases flesh basically is: Eat much food less; Cannot eat and drink too much, do not eat deepfry food and fat food as far as possible; Eat fruit, vegetable to wait for the green food that contains cellulose and vitamin and so on more, make sure body interior maintains soda acid balance.

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