” bullet storm 2 ” look hopeful? People Can Fly discloses make newly

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Tell an EPIC, everybody can react coming over is the maker of engine of visional game development immediately. And the work that the group of its subsidiary People Can Fly that make has how many person to know them again and additional kind originality. Say honest, the game that oneself make on real significance of People Can Fly is one’s early years then ” behead bewitching divides demon ” with ” bullet storm ” , should make in addition group also be ” warlike machine: Adjudgement ” develop a group.

A few days ago, company CEO expressed to make the plan of group future, be in early 2012, the group of People Can Fly that make is bought by Epic Games company, they also began to make ” warlike machine ” the work that add makes, be in nevertheless last year, this atelier announces to come out independently from Epic Games, and change afresh answered original atelier name People Can Fly, the new independence of atelier still makes vermicelli made from bean starch very surprizing, suffer fully after all expect ” bullet storm ” add is made still must rely on them to make.

Be in nevertheless this second after attributive authority is changed, people Can Fly will continue to be Epic research and development ” the night of fort ” , in addition this atelier is ongoing still those who send a secret is visional the game that 4 engine make. This mystery makes respecting newly, making group of CEO express to still do not decide at present is still allow put on sale of other company representative in order to make the nominal put on sale of the group, still be at present in the negotiation.

Still confirmed they still are had at present on atelier website ” bullet storm ” copyright, this work is the game of fire of the first person that distributed by EA 2011. ” bullet storm 2 ” look hopeful? Anyhow, let us expect together.

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