” the brim of lens: Activator ” try freely play time to announce only 6 hours

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Now EA divulge, EA Access and Origin Access member can begin download from June 2 ” the brim of lens: Activator ” try play edition experience game. ” the brim of lens: Activator ” sport is official time of put on sale was on June 7, this means EA member to be able to shift to an earlier date 5 days to experience game.

EA make this kind of limitation, it is to prevent the player is trying likely campaign of person closing sheet can be opened during playing. The EA before this also has had similar way. For instance before ” wool elf ” , EA member tries content of before playing what game can play game only two chapters, although time remains 10 hours.

As to ” the brim of lens: Activator ” single person battle has how long, EA has not been announced. Since the government does not agree to say, probably on time time of single person campaign won’t be long.

” the brim of lens: Activator ” joined a brand-new open world, game uses cold frostlike powder 3 engine development, the player will act the heroine Faith before in game, run to gain freedom in vitreous city cruel fights.

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