Guizhou copper benevolence the airport is excised ” special airport ” cap

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Guiyang of Xinhua News Agency on July 1 report (reporter Li Jingya) department of standard of flight of Chinese civil aviation bureau cancels Guizhou formally recently cupreous benevolence airport is special moving limitation, pick off ” special airport ” cap.

The reporter understands from group of Guizhou Province airport, autumn 2008, cupreous benevolence airport encounters hundred years encounter coagulate aspic calamity weather, lowermost temperature is amounted to – 7 ℃ , method extent freezes ply amounts to 12 centimeters, the airport is forced to shut be as long as 25 days. 2009, because the air上海龙凤论坛sh1f

port ensures co上海同城对对碰交友社区

nditional difference, deice, anti-icing ability inadequacy and weather condition are complex, cupreous benevolence airport is labelled by the civil aviation bureau domestic special airport. This means airline hold flying copper benevolence airport airliner needs to raise aircrew to deploy, for instance, by hold had flown the flight teacher belt of this field flies rear can hold fly or double pilot moves etc.

In recent years, cupreous benevolence airport is grabbed seize opportunity, combinative airport revises extend project, the improvement that pushs the field such as observation of ground safeguard, atmosphere, moving standard continuously works, make the airport ensures ability to get promoting consider阿爱上海同城

ably. 20爱上海同城对对碰

17, building of新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

station of boat of new home of cupreous benevolence airport tur阿爱上海同城

ns join movement.

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