Be careful in one’s conduct of Fujian Province record is censorial investigate 120 to disobey ” 8 regulations ” official

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Xinhua net Fuzhou on October 18 electric Fujian Province discipline appoint 18 days of issuance informations say, since this year, should save various record be careful in one’s conduct censorial mechanism is investigated in all disobey in the center of ” 8 regulations ” mental problem 67, treat 120 people, give punish of discipline of party disipline politics 34 people among them.

The near future, fujian Province discipline appoint early or late the name reports two fact 12 cases when censorial mechanism investigates record be careful in one’s conduct since this year to disobey in the center of ” 8 regulations ” typical case, outside including Zhang Guirong of former deputy director general of bureau of tax of land of Fujian Longyan city to use car of unit official business to head for among them, the province attends a daughter to be engaged上海千花网

ceremony; Zhangzhou city east Cheng Mingmu of former director of hill county ocean and piscatorial bureau is his child do marriage banquet gre上海夜网

atly, receive case gift; Zhu Weilong of vice director of office of court of county of loose brook of Na Ping city is violated compasses hold do “新上海贵族宝贝论坛

banquet of enter a higher school ” , receive case gift; Advance of the Fuzhou City installs area traffic bureau to use union funds to organize lottery, covert extend welfare; Tobacco of peaceful heart city is monopolistic privately of Wu Zhengbao of bureau deputy director爱上海同城手机版

general drives official business uses a car to reservoir to swim; Do sth without authorization of Su Shaobo of group leader of be careful in one’s conduct of original period of carriage bureau of traffic of county o爱上海同城论坛

f moralization of fontal state city drives unit officer’s car goes out do private affairs, cause traffic accident; Service center of street community sanitation uses Ou Xingbin of Xiamen city Jimei public money travel.

Fujian Province discipline appoint relevant controller expresses, it is important time node, important that censorial mechanism will strengthen various record be careful in one’s conduct the supervisory examination of unit and important segment, focusing ” 4 wind ” , exert oneself solves the outstanding problem that people reflects and unhe上海夜网论坛

althy tendency; Should increase investigate strength, violate range of age act iron to against the wind hold discipline, determined investigate, seasonable bulletin, seasonable exposure, accept actively supervise. (reporter Zheng Liang)

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