France explodes again ” actors or actress thousands of taxi driver shares photograph of spot of pace ” demonstrate instead

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Local time on January 26, france erupts again in the light of actor pace (Uber) the remonstrant activity that waits for software: Thousands of strike of many cities taxi driver, taxi participates in traffic to surround, even still the taxi driver burns tire. Meanwhile, personnel of French sky canal and teacher of a large number of nursery school, elementary school also held strike action.

Demonstrate person the hand is lifted write have the sign that stops actor pace

Demonstrate person arson burns tire

Last year in June, parisian and other places ever had erupted to be aimed at the mass protest activity of actor pace. Remonstrant activity evolves for a time at that time for violent incident, demonstrate person burn tire, overturn a car, atttack car to produce conflict with other driver even with metallic stick. France is in traffic to be surrounded more.

Rough stuff appears in demonstration

According to ” new York Times ” , hire the impact that car software makes to taxi industry to protest the network that represents in order to actor or actress the pace is makes an appointment, labour union of French taxi trade organized the action of taxi driver strike of countrywide limits 26 days local time. The city that produces the strike includes Paris, Marseilles to wait, the strike causes local traffic jam and airport airliner incur loss through delay.

France ” the world signs up for ” the report says, strike action begins at 26 days of mornings, french each district shared 2100 taxi drivers to attend the strike to act, besides the taxi driver of Paris and Marseilles, even still the taxi driver that comes from wave Er much area participated in the strike to act.

Parisian police says, wearing tall happy airport and Paris abstruse benefit airport (Orly Airport) and Paris the Mayaomen western stands (Porte Maillot) around, about 1500 taxis are participated in surround a liaison man, cause incur loss through delay of airport periphery traffic jam, airliner. Be in Paris abstruse benefit airport, demonstrate person roadblock is set on the freeway that leads to heat area, allow a taxi to pass only.

Partial taxi driver burns on freeway of Parisian around the city even tire, try to cause a freeway to jam, police used lachrymator to break up this section put on a show of force person. Around station of Ma Yao door, a few demonstrate person had set back to traffic. Share more than 400 taxi to show up, still have a few taxis that come from the neighbour such as Spain, Italy 新上海贵族宝贝论坛

and Belgium among them.

Demonstrate person on the brand that raises when parade, keeping economy terroristic, act did not get executive waiting for model of written characters.

Mix in Tuluci, Marseilles li of Er, demonstrate activity causes violent incident likewise, it is especially near the airport and railway station. Be in li of Er and Tuluci, hundreds taxi driver jams the airport and the traffic with circumjacent railway station.

According to France ” northward sound signs up for ” (La Voix Du Nord) report, 26 days, a network that just carried 2 passengers makes an appointment of the person that the driver that rent a car suffers more than 20 demonstrate surround beat up. This driver is facial medium a few fists, was thrown from guesthouse window next.

French police expresses, already arrested 22 people at present, involve accusation to include active force, use weapon, set on fire, among them 21 people stand in Mayaomen and station of door of summerly admire Er is arrested. In the 22 people that are arrested, already 14 people are detained.

In addition, still driver of an airport bus also is arrested, this driver tries to break through the roadblock that the taxi constitutes forcibly in abstruse benefit airport, cause 2 people to get hurt.

To the rough stuff that appears in strike action, french premier Mannuaierwaersi (Manuel Valls) gave condemnation.

They have authority strike. Waersi says, although the country still is in the critical condition after horrible assault now, this right still must get respect. But force cannot be taken, whatever reason cannot be violent absolve.

Other industry joins strike action

According to ” new York Times ” report, while the taxi driver starts the strike, the practitioner of other industry also joins the strike in succession, include French sky to provide personnel and teacher of large quantities of elementary school, nursery school.

According to the report, lab爱上海同城

our union of the member that French sky is in charge of (ATC) announce, will from which Europe time 26 days afternoon 6 when have executive strike, be in 27 days afternoon 5 when resume the work. Go on strike this, it is for protest in recent years unemployment rate and coming salary computation means change. As the response, french civil aviation bureau must appeal airline reduces the airliner number of 20% , with answering by a definite date the 24 sky of the hour are in charge of personnel to go on strike.

Meanwhile, about 100 thousand nursery school and elementary school teacher also undertake strike in same day, the demand rises firewood. The teacher that predicts to join the strike occupies Paris 45% of all teacher number.

Will roll out multinomial measure and thrash out plan

The demonstration activity that competes in the light of inequity is started in the taxi driver hind, its are interviewed on behalf of what got government and partial government sector. After meeting ends, french premier Waersi announces to roll out multinomial measure.

Above all, french government will appoint an independent adjuster, the difficulty that faces to taxi industry launchs investigation, undertake investigating to the predicament of Parisian taxi driver especially, seek a solution through discussing, ensure healthy competitive pattern. The surname famous general of personnel of this independent investigation is announced inside 48 hours.

Federation of independent taxi of French whole nation (F D Ration Nationale Des Taxis Ind Pendants) Sen Beier of chairman A Made (Ahmed Senbel) express, if why realize an interest to balance to table a proposal inside the industry,this investigation personnel will is aimed at, study pair of active law, code undertakes editing, in order to ensure health competes.

Next, governmental general and taxi industry develop discuss. Occupy Senbeier to predict, the first discussion conference will be held inside 15 days, produce actual effect inside 3 months. To satisfy the requirement of the taxi driver, premier acceptance will strengthen a canal to accuse, clutch make violate compasses behavior carrying a passenger, ensure fair competitive environment.

In France, the network such as actor pace hires a car to prohibit by law上海龙凤论坛

about, the legislation with this the most important facet is to prohibit the network hires passenger of car driver loot about, those who maintain taxi industry interest ” act of Sa article exert ” (Th Venoud Law) . But, the taxi driver thinks, these law did not get be executinged truly. And the law that actor pace thinks to prohibit renting a car about all the time is suspected of unconstitutional, because this asks,its driver holds to operation.

Waersi represents commitment to taxi industry, the government accuses the canal that strengthens driver of illegal to be suspected of operation, carry out strictly implement relevant law.

The old grudge long-standing of taxi and actor pace

Similar taxi strike action of 26 days is not first. In fact, french taxi driver and actor pace hire the contrary long-standing between the car about.

In June 2015, the car of home of low cost illicit that Parisian etc big city has 2800 taxi drivers to be subordinate of remonstrant actor pace about spells a car to serve UberPop, hold large-scale remonstrant activity. Insurgent news ever reported before this, the remonstrant activity at that time evolves for a time for violent incident, demonstrate person burn tire, overturn a car, atttack car to produce conflict with other driver even with metallic stick. A large number of rental driver block broke Paris to wear the line of tall happy airport and road of main city around the city, in the meantime, waited to also produce block to stop remonstrant activity of traffic in Marseilles of French south city, some of remonstrant block broke the railway station of Marseilles and airport.

UberPop is the European edition of people actor pace. July 2015, dibosangfaer announces general manager of market of actor pace France suspend this one service. But in fact, be in early in October 2014, french criminal court sentences UberPOP to be suspected of cheating sexual trade act. But appeal because of its, suspend carrying out. In the meantime, police uses the investigation that is not professional driver to already began in November 2014 in the light of UberPOP, branch of actor pace France also is copied to check by se爱上海同城对对碰

veral. French Home Office still will announce last year in December, since January 1, 2015, car of Uber illicit home spells a car to serve UberPop to will be banned to use in France. For all that, uber still continues to publish operation in France however, and ceaseless still to was not extended to serve by approval area.

According to report of The Local of French place media, economy is terroristic it is the commonly used word that French taxi driver uses name network to rent a car about. They think, the network with low price hired car mode to make unfair competition to its about.

It is reported, in France, the taxi driver needs to pay ability of thousands 爱上海龙凤419桑拿

of euro to have license plate of a piece of taxi.

Ji Mei of Er of chief a place of strategic importance of Taxis G7 of French taxi company thises (Serge 上海夜网

Metz) express, french taxi driver is experiencing economic disaster.

The competition that the network rents a car about already brought about taxi driver income to drop 30% . Mei Ci says, below this kind of circumstance, more and more taxi drivers can be on street.

(original title: France erupts again demonstrate of the pace that turn over actor, thousands of taxi driver participates in traffic to surround (group plan) )

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