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If choose the method that bright fire should boil quickly with conflagration to undertake heating, if choose to lie between water to heat, had better be to choose to use porcelain cup so, because the quilt heat conduction of stainless steel is too fast, and cold faster, in water Wen Da arrives 669 when spending, immersing 5 minutes can be tepid.

Is how milk heats just correct?

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1, bright fire heats

Put when heating on gas burner, need to choose the method that conflagration boils quickly, follow like frying green vegetables, can chain among them nurture pledges not prediction of a person’s luck in a given year. The nutrient composition such as the vitamin that slow fire boils a meeting slow to make milk medium, protein is destroyed.

Is how milk heats just correct?

2, microwave oven heats

Heat with microwave oven, heat time shoulds not be too long, in general set small fire, of 250 milliliter heat 1 minute or so can, can destroy nutrition otherwise. But should notice microwave oven heats can have temperature not all phenomenon, agitate remembers before drinking. Also want to notice additionally, heat with microwave oven when milk, had better pour box outfit or in bags milk to be able to be used at the container that microwave oven heatsShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Want to use bag or box to heat directly.

Is how milk heats just correct?

3, lie between water to heat

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The grandma is added lukewarm best means is to lie between water to heat, wait for milk container into the cup namely inside, in putting hot water again tepid, tepid when do not need to undertake heating to water again, still can adjust temperature according to individual taste. Although this kind of means compares a trouble, but the prediction of a person’s luck in a given year of the nutrition when can avoiding to microwave oven heats and be boiled with pot boil.

Attention: If be direct,squeeze the bright grandma that come out from milk cow body, must undertake alexipharmic, if heat to moment of 100 ℃ boil, classics disinfection is rear can drinkable.

4, lie between water to heat the cup of fashionable dress water had better choose porcelain cup

General proposal chooses the cup of tall neck or bottle, do not look for the cup of stainless steel, because the cup thermal conductivity of stainless steel is very strong, heat up quickly, cold faster. Chaliced water should compare in bags milk or the box installs milk tower above a few, convenient heat even, milk should be placed correctly in water, cannot fall to put, because the normal coping of milk is to have alveolus of a tinfoil, it is easy to falling to put be immersed by hot water and leakage comes.

5, the time choice that lies between water to heat

Boil water first, when when refrigeration is spent to 60-70, OK and tepid milk, the time that immerses commonly is controlled in 5 minutes, milk has been lukewarm, if still think reheat a bit, can immerse a bit longer, also can change oneForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Cup hot water continues to immerse, time and heat can decide according to his be fond of.

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