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Article introduction

Chinese cabbage is again common what do not pass is vegetable, also be a kind of vegetable that obtains the most easily, very may much person does not care to eat Chinese cabbage, actually, chinese cabbage still has officinal value, because its nutrition is very rich, eat Chinese cabbage to be able to eat the health of body of one’s previous experience, OK and compensatory prandial fiber, carotene is waited a moment, because this mights as well at ordinary times,can eat more, the introduction fries the method that Chinese cabbage has below.

How is Chinese cabbage fried? So simple before!

The first, explode fry Chinese cabbage


Chinese cabbage is 250 grams, dry chili 3 root, salt, gourmet powder.


1, Chinese cabbage is abluent throw dry water share, chinese cabbage inclined case cut, chili is cut paragraph.

2, the boiler that heat up oil puts chili, put Chinese cabbage conflagration to explode again fry, fry the Chinese cabbage that go out so ability is delicious.

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3, Chinese cabbage is fried ripe add salt and gourmet powder can.

How is Chinese cabbage fried? So simple before!

The 2nd, acid is hot fry Chinese cabbage


Chinese cabbage rat-tat 3, work hotForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Any of several hot spice plants 6, white sugar 1 spoon 15 grams, saline 1/2 teaspoon 3 grams, rice vinegar 3 spoon 45ml, unripe smoke 1 spoon 15ml, green Chinese onion 5, balm 2 drip


1, after Chinese cabbage rat-tat is abluent, end up half-and-half dissections, the knife inclined 45 degrees angle, chinese cabbage piece into piece.

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, dry chili is broken with the hand broken, or cut silk with scissors (chili seed also staysLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Below) . Green Chinese onion is cut piece.

3, oil is entered in boiler, conflagration heats, wait for oil 7 when becoming heat, put dry chili silk and onion piece explode sweet.

4, wait for appreciably of chili silk color to become deep, can smell when piquancy, enter Chinese cabbage piece, break up fry 2 minutes.

5, transfer into vinegar of white sugar, salt, rice is mixed unripe smoke, continue to break up fry 1 minute, before giving boiler, drench 2 balm can.

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How is Chinese cabbage fried? So simple before!

The 3rd, element fries Chinese cabbage side


Clean Chinese cabbage 5, soy, feed vinegar, refined salt, jiang Si, gourmet powder


1, choose Chinese cabbage side, chinese cabbage abluent, accuse to do moisture. Suitable long cut 1 inch wide, again inclined piece become half inches piece.

2, have high heat, explode into Jiang Si boiler, best boil gives boiler inside and outside all the duration of on fire. Immediately throws Chinese cabbage, use flourishing fire to fry to half ripe, join soy, feed vinegar, refined salt to be fried slightly, add gourmet powder can.

The 4th, agaric fries Chinese cabbage


200g Chinese cabbage

50g agaric

5g green

5g ginger

5ml is extremely beautiful bright

3g salt

20ml peanut oil


1 Chinese cabbage is abluent, become with bit piece.

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Hair of 2 agaric bubble is abluent, rip small.

The oil below 3 hot pot puts bowl of boil in water for a while of ginger of a few green first.

4 put Chinese cabbage to break up again fry.

5 break up fry agaric is put when beginning molten to Chinese cabbage, green ginger end.

6 join delicacy of United States pole next, saline conflagration breaks up fry give boiler equably can.

7 fill dish.

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