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Liquor is us the life is commonly used come the drink of fete close friends, and the price of some liquor is higher, the brand of this and wine, craft that make about. Liquor besides use drink directly beyond, return the raw material that can make other, for instance liquor bloats the egg is had distinctiveShanghai Long Feng forum

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flavour. Liquor bloats the souse method of the egg is very simple, thoroughly cook the egg first, begin souse into liquor again, of course household utensils is need is sealed.

Liquor bloats the souse method of the eggFall in love with the sea

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7 kinds of methods are light souse salty egg

1, simple method: Put two jins of salt into water to be boiled, put coolForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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; washs the egg clean, put into putting cool salt solution, write down, water should be put cool, otherwise egg with respect to Bao ripe. Sealed souse a month, until shake the egg hears noise to be able to eat, although do not have the hearts of salty duck’s egg, very delicate nevertheless.

2, the swiftest method: Use high-pressured boiler to come rate of souse salty egg is the rapiddest, want 3-4 hour only but souse is good! The method is: Make up saturated salt solution with cold boiled water and salt above all, unabroken new egg, put high-pressured bowl inside, enter saturated salt solution, made immersion egg, egg and salt solution place occupy cubage not to exceed 3/4 of high-pressured boiler total capacity. Hold high-pressured boiler lid good rubber band next, the lid is on high-pressured boiler, come back close.

Reassume pump guides his tracheal join is in what high-pressured boiler builds to give air hole to go up, to air of the infuse inside boiler. Next take out pump, a powerful person of the high pressure on the lid, set 3-4 hour. Take off high-pressured a powerful person finally, open high-pressured boiler, fish out egg namelyNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Into. Because the egg immerses,be in saturated salt, below airy action of high pressure, salt solution permeates an egg very quickly inside, reason is in short when inside very fast souse is good, and the duck’s egg of place souse is salty weak relatively even.

Liquor bloats the souse method of the egg

3, the five spices is salty1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Egg: Lay an egg, anise, cassia bark, chinese prickly ash, sweet leaf, small fennel, liquor each are right amount. Water is done inside boiler (water quantity is the) that should have done not have an egg in container, anise is joined after water leaves, cassia bark, chinese prickly ash, sweet leaf, small fennel small fire boils 15 minutes of; salt is added in water, dissolve slowly, till briny saturation, air involving fire is cool enter container, unripe egg is abluent wipe or airing is put into the container that added makings water gently.

The drop before the lid is built enters ten liquor (remove antiseptic action) , father lid lid after good wine (the attention is sealed) if not be willing to eat too salty, 20 days or so can edible, if like salty and those who give oil, estimation is about 339 days. After bloating, take out thoroughly cook can edible (was opposite, makings water is staying, still can use next time, ) is burned before using.

4, yellow sanded salty egg: Equipment yellow sand 500 grams, refined salt 100 grams, essence is oily 50 grams, water is right amount. In the basin pouring Huang Sha first when souse, add oil of refined salt, essence and water, agitate is become mushy, put the bright egg one by one of abluent air again stick mud, wait for an egg to be stuck equably on take out after silt, put food bag or inside other container, 3 week hind can take out scour off silt to boil feed. If do not have Huang Sha, usable other silt is replaced, if sanded agglutinant and bad, can add a few clay.

Liquor bloats the souse method of the egg

5, liquor salty egg: By every 5 kilograms of eggs and 60 degrees of liquor 1 kilogram, refined salt gets the materials ready 0.5 kilograms. Dip of the one by one in when dip bloats, putting the egg of air in liquor first dips in, roll refined salt again, put recipient inside, sealed place in dry, shady and cool, ventilated place, about 30 days can be taken out boil feed.

6, sweet hot salty egg: Take stiff thick chili sauce, white spirit, by 8Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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: 2scale attune mixes even, one by one puts the egg abluent air to boil equably after dipping in, boil in refined salt again, put porcelain kettle next inside, close heal, souse 70-90 day is become namely. This kind bloats the egg shows hot red, wine is sweet 4 excessive, xian Zhongwei is hot, delicious and delightful.

7, rice water salty egg: That Shang Shui after perhaps boiling ground rice to pass with rice water and enter yellow mud red perhaps mud, join salt (the quantity of salt does not have scale, the salty, Dan Laitian that asks according to oneself adds) , allegedly the salty yoke of this kind of souse gives oil most.

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