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When pregnant woman body produces problem of a few diseases, do not use as far as possible medication, the hormone that because medicaments is medium,contains will be right darling body causes very big effect. So pregnant woman friend is in daily life ought to as far as possible a few medicinal foods come to edible the goal that achieves health care, among them lily is a good medicine prandial material. Everybody most constant edible lily is edibleNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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insolation lily, can accordingly pregnant woman eat bright lily?

 Can pregnant woman eat bright lily

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Can pregnant woman eat fresh lily

Lily is embellish lung relieves a cough, Qing Xinan’s magical filling empty medicine, qualitative embellish of its Gan Han, if chill cough and taste are frail, discharge of defecate jalf congealed person avoid is used. Pregnant woman can eat, but often had better not eat, the constitution that also wants him foundation sometimes or body circumstance just can be taken, the food of pregnant woman is to should want much attention a few.

Should not be to all food of pregnancy actually excessive, stop where it should stop, often changing eating to grow to fetal health is to have very big gain.

 Can pregnant woman eat bright lily

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Pregnant woman takes the advantage of fresh lily

1, embellish lung relieves a cough, clear heart calms the nerves. Can use at consumption empty of haemoptysis, lung is long cough, empty is irritated horrified, insomnia and pyretic hind more than heat not clear, be perturbed is thirsty wait for disease.

2, hairdressing effect. Lily contains a lot ofpotassium, be helpful for strengthening muscle excitement to spend, make metabolization function coordinate, make the skin is full of flexibility, reduce wrinkle. Especially the crowd with appropriate large actuating pressure. Dry to facial and compressed wart, acne, fleck, skin wait to always have certain curative effect. Often feed can make skin moist, the skin is white tender, reduce wrinkle, defer consenescence.

3, lily still contains colchicum of a kind of hydrolyze alkaline, have alimentary calm the nerves action.

4, lily is blindly nourishing clever brilliant, benefit and hold distinct benefit concurrently, optimum at inside those who have empty fire is frail disease person.

5, can protect blood vessel, reduce serous cholesterol, effective precaution is hypertensive, reduce blood sugar.

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Enter large intestine function, stimulative defecate unobstructed.

7, a variety of alkaloid that lily contains still can restrain cancer cell to breed, have the effect that fight cancer.

 Can pregnant woman eat bright lily

The contraindication of edible lily

Cold haemorrhage of chill cough, empty, taste not beautiful person because diet lily has, and from to rat kind, dog kind the discovery in the experiment is long / the influence of the damage that large dose edible can cause lung, kidney and plaque of entire to leucocyte, feral lily individual plant, even if edible lily also has certain noxiousness, the proposal is used forward the doctor seeks advice. Contact unripe bulb to may cause skin Sao to itch directly, gobble up unripe bulb to may cause the symptom such as vomiting, have loose bowels.

Whether is the constitution that oneself should notice when lily eats its appropriate crowd, whether it meets edible have conflict to the constitution, cough like chill, xu Han bleeds, the crowd with bad taste does not eat lily, and the quantity that notes edible to go up even wants proper, can bring about the harm of lobar kidney otherwise.

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