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Article introduction

To darling of a year old, intestines and stomach is frailer still, in food at that time the respect also should notice somewhat, although at that time the child can have had complementary fed, but eating yoghurt this respect must notice somewhat, do not buy a few yoghurt on market as far as possible, if want to eat, parents can give the child to make such yoghurt in the home, preservative is not contained inside, do not contain other a few additional material.

Can child of a year old drink yoghurt

Can child of a year old drink yoghurt

The darling inside a year old does not suggest to have the yoghurt that city makes work or yoghurt drink. The yoghurt that city makes work is to use pure milk to be raw material, what sucrose and lactobacillus ferment and make is add after disinfecting sterilization, still add agent of thickener, antiseptic, fragrance, sweet taste agent to wait among them. And the high protein in milk, tall mineral reach tall permeate press the child that does not suit this phaseForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Child edible. The darling that does not recommend a year old of less than so eats yoghurt of city carry out.

Sell on market besides yoghurt still one kind cries ” lactic acid beverage ” (perhaps breed beverage) , this kind of drink more do not suggest to a year old the child inside is drunk, inside besides add agent of stabilizing agent, sweet taste, essence, antiseptic besides, still add many water, nutrient value is reduced greatly, protein content wants to be able to not appear on the market under 0.7%~1% only in drink of this kind of milk.

Can child of a year old drink yoghurt

Chinese nutrition learns to write ” south forefinger of Chinese dweller board (2016) ” point out clearly also, to doing not have a mother lacteal feed perhaps has broken the children of 1 year old of less than of the grandma, do not suggest to eat liquid state milk directly, the recipe that should give 600 milliliter corresponding level everyday is suckled. Because the recipe grandma of each phase breeds to approach a parentShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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In transforming milkSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
Composition, and was added suit all sorts of nutriment of the baby.

Drink yoghurt what to profit there is to the child?

Yoghurt is Xian Niu suckle or be reductive grandma ferment through lactobacillus and become. Ferment in the process, protein of candy, little part is decomposed half lactose and lactic acid, small peptide chain and amino acid, such grandma fluid became imperceptible curd. And the raw material grandma before the fatty acid after fermenting can be compared increases 2 times.

Milk ferments, besides all nutrition part that withholds milk, a variety of vitamins that fermenting place of human body nutrition still can arise to need in the process, be like vitamin B a group of things with common features, include vitamin B1, B2, BLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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6, B12. Change through such fermenting, make yoghurt easier digest absorb, still raised the utilization rate of calcic, phosphor, iron.

Can child of a year old drink yoghurt

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When, lack lacteal carbohydrase to those, drink milk the person of easy and abdominal distension diarrhoea (lactose is not able to bear or endure) of the person that suffer, the yoghurt after fermenting is drinkable. The breed that yoghurt still restrains bacterium of the corruption inside alvine path and pathogenic bacteria effectively and survive, prevent the generation of harmful material.

What introduce above is the nutrition of yoghurt and the advantage that drink yoghurt, but acerbitySh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
Although the grandma is good, be drunk to little baby or have cultured.

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